Corporate Wellness Offerings

Corporate Mindfulness Meditation Subscriptions

Weekly guided meditations and wellness-focused discussions are delivered live over Zoom, creating the perfect way to build community and to support a diverse workforce whether you are still remote, back in the office, or offering hybrid options.   

Empower your organization to find alignment, inspiration, and flow. Group meditation sessions can build synchronicity and enable openness and vulnerability, deepening teamwork and trust. See research on the value of mindfulness to your bottom line here!

Company-specific sessions can be scheduled based on your Rhythm of Business and my availability. I will craft themes around your company's Ethos and Values. 

Qualified Small Business

Medium Companies: under 1000

Large Enterprises / Government

Open sessions Wednesdays at 11am EST, available for very small companies (up to 25 employees): $499/month 

Open Sessions

One-off Events: Services to open All-Hands meetings and other specific fora.  

One-Off Events priced based on company size, starting at:
$499 for 10-15 minutes
$999 for 15-30 minutes


Workshops include a company survey and needs assessment.  Signature workshops (detailed below) require a minimum of 2 weeks for customization and tailoring once survey results are finalized.  Fully custom workshops require 30 days between assessment and delivery.

Signature Workshops average 90 minutes to 3 hours; Custom Workshops can be from one hour to 3 days. 

For a complimentary consultation please send an inquiry, or schedule a discovery call here.

The Power of Flow States and How to Achieve Them

Flow states have been found to improve productivity and efficacy and increase the bottom line -- as well as leading to happier people! This workshop explores ways to access flow states and incorporate mindfulness activities into a busy day.  (2 hours)

Mindfulness Practices for Ease and Productivity

Significant research has shown that mindfulness practices increase creativity, innovation, & happiness, AND ultimately lead to an increased bottom line.  This workshop explores ways to incorporate mindfulness activities into a busy day.  (2 hours)

Conflict Resolution and Conscious Communication

How does your team deal with difficult conversations? Do they have the tools to de-escalate a tense situation, mediate an argument, or provide constructive criticism in a way that is gratefully received? Is your team really showing up with all of their gifts and talents?  Do they feel safe enough to be their full, authentic selves? Learning to communicate  intentionally, consciously, and compassionately enables greater joy, increased productivity, and heightened creativity & innovation!  This workshop empowers your team leaders and teams to show up in trust, fully and authentically.  (~3 hours)

Wellness and The Workplace

Prerequisite: Decision-makers are required to commit empowering employees to utilize the tools I will teach (explained in initial consultation).  This workshop teaches employees the tools to maximize their wellness through mindful movement, healthy eating, and time management / boundary-setting.  (2 hours)

Mastery of Self: Emotional Regulation for Peace & Equanimity

Explore powerful tools that train your team members how to regain control of their reactions and responses to challenging stimuli. Learn to control emotions, instead of allowing them to control you.  The result will be a highly functioning team unafraid to address challenges in healthy, productive ways. (90 minutes)

Wellness Program Development

Designed for C-Suite Executives and/or HR Directors, this is less of a workshop and more of a guided intensive to help you clarify goals and develop a roadmap that meets your employees' wellness needs, and ultimately supports retention, employee satisfaction, AND your bottom line.  

Team Building and Ideation

New team?  New project or challenge?  I can optimize an efficient path through "forming, storming, and norming" then help maximize creativity and brainstorming to enable exceptional performance! (3 hours)

Custom Workshops

I can work with you to co-create an optimal experience tailored to your team's unique needs. (one hour to 3 days)

Longer workshops can be developed to your team's specific needs.