Liminal space
By: Abion C. Dorhosti, copyright 2020

I understand Liminal space / liminality in its theoretical sense.

An in-between space, a threshold, a transition, or conversion

Or a pause

And I believe that is where we find ourselves today, not only on an individual personal level, but also collectively and globally.

But how does one / do we break through into what’s next? How is this space defined?

Must one smash down walls with fists and hammers to break through to the other side?

Or is it a mist or fog in which we wander, lost, dazed, confused, then finally… Through trial and error emerge from dream space into wakefulness

Is it a tunnel? Once entered, there is only one way, one path, one vector… Long and dark perhaps but clear through to break into the day

Or is it a birth canal? Hard labor pushing, working, reshaping, a violent twisting, turning, emerging into the light

I think perhaps it is a chrysalis. A hardshelled carapace wrapped tightly around each of us, which will only split open once this evolution is complete and we have outgrown/exceeded/overcome the confines of this present world, and can break free/burst/explode/EXULT into our new existence. Winged. Powerful. Transcendent. And free.

What I do know is that we are now all within this liminal space. How will we grow? How will we change? How long will it take us to smash those walls, find our way through the mist, exit the tunnel, complete the labor and rebirth, and achieve the necessary individual and collective growth to burst forth from the chrysalis and into the new dawn?

I do not know, except that it will not be easy. It will require effort and labor. Most of this will be the hard kind: the internal work. May we rise to the challenge. Individually. Collectively. Globally.