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Abion C. "Abi" Dorhosti

I'm a 25-year Air Force veteran who has found a new calling to help others balance passion and equanimity, learn to listen to their inner voice, become inspired, and chart a course towards their most holistically healthy selves -- aligned and alive in body, mind, and spirit! 

My dream is to guide clients into a fuller, healthier expression of their own beautiful humanity through coaching, workshops, and immersive retreats.  

In my previous military life, I served as a Foreign Area Officer (FAO) for sub-Saharan Africa and Logistics Readiness Officer.  I've deployed across the Middle East and Africa and supported AMC, SOCEUR, SOCAF, JSOC, DOS, and the IC, serving in a variety of positions and leading as many as 320 people. I've met Presidents, crafted negotiations for US Ambassadors, worked with the NSC staff, developed national-level policy, and spoken at White House meetings (though only one was in the Situation Room).  I'm a product of public schooling with a GED, who still made it into the US Air Force Academy (and graduated!).  And I was fortunate to also attend the Naval Postgraduate School for my Masters in National Security Affairs focused on sub-Saharan Africa, and DLI for French language school. I also have certifications in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Stanford University, and in Health & Wellness Coaching from Georgetown University.

Its been an incredible ride surrounded by amazing people.  I am so grateful for the experiences, the education, and most importantly the relationships. And now I'm ready to move into a space that is fully aligned with who I am at my most essential self -- a coach, a guide, a servant, and a leader.  I've experienced my own profound transitions and learned powerful tools -- and will continue to learn.  It's time for me to give back and teach the tools, serve as a guide along the journey, and bring forth the limitless possibilities of your own liminal transition into your highest self!