Health & Wellness Coaching

Statement on Diversity: All Are Welcome!

I welcome you in your wholeness, no matter your age, size, fitness level, or "conformity" with societal norms.  I honor you regardless of your social class, ethnicity, political party, gender identity, sexual orientation, or choice to exempt yourself from any/all of these.  

As your coach, I will be your ALLY and PARTNER on your personal journey towards greater wellness. 

Do you consider yourself someone who serves humanity?  Some of those who benefit from my services include Military & Veterans, Nurses, First Responders, Teachers, Mental Health Counselors, Caregivers, Civil Servants, Foreign Service Officers, or anyone who is feeling "burnt out" from serving others and knows they need to make a change, but isn't yet quite sure what that change is meant to be.

I want to help you to realize your healthiest self - aligned and fully alive in body, mind, and spirit.

Because your service is important. And the world needs you at your best.

Is Coaching right for YOU?

What was
You might be feeling...

What's Next

You want to feel...

Coaching will be the liminal space where you transform 'what was' into 'what's next'.

Coaching Options

Book a session through Calendly, schedule an inquiry call or
contact me at to apply for the Signature Series. 

Reiki Healing + Coaching
Available as one-off sessions or in packages.
Reiki is an evidence-based healing modality that supports physical and emotional healing; it is used at the top 20 hospitals in the United States. During your session, I will offer Reiki healing while we talk through the limiting beliefs and/or perceptions that have been holding you back from showing up as your best self, and I will support you to set goals to facilitate your continued healing and growth. 

Available over phone, Zoom, or Google Meet. Sessions run 45-60 minutes, and a promotional rate of $250 is available through the end of September. Schedule here.

Classic Health & Wellness Coaching Packages
3, 6, 9, and 12 session packages available.  Sessions are 60 minutes long, approximately bi-weekly, and include text support (Voxer) as long as you are a client.
These sessions offer a supportive environment for your own personal inquiry, goal-setting, and action. As your coach, I am your ally and partner in your journey towards greater holistic wellness.  Coaching is a client-directed process; it is your choice what areas you want to work on, and you will ultimately direct the pace and direction of your coaching.  My role will be to facilitate the creation and development of your personal wellness goals and to support you as you develop and carry out a strategy/plan for achieving those goals.

Available over phone, Zoom, or Google Meet. Sessions run 45-60 minutes, and are discounted to $200/hour when you book a 3-session package. Schedule here.

Transformational Integrative Coaching Modules
90-minute sessions

Options include 3 sessions focused on your chosen topic from the modules below, or truly invest in your own personal growth with the complete 7-session series (also see Signature Series below). 

Available over phone, Zoom, or Google Meet. The 3-session package is $900, and the 7-session series is $1,800 (both billable in installments). Initial consultation required, please book your free inquiry here.

Signature Series
The Transformational Holistic Wellness Package: Inspire, Align, & Empower with Honor!

This extraordinary 14-week supportive journey is available in two formats to best support YOU and YOUR GOALS. 

The one-on-one coaching package includes seven 60-minute individual coaching sessions,  Voxer support, membership in an online community, and a 7-day (group) in-person retreat in Costa Rica (excluding flights).  Only 3 slots available at any given time.

The small-group coaching package includes seven 90-minute live group coaching sessions, three 60-minute live one-on-one sessions, Voxer support, membership in an online community, and a 7-day in-person retreat in Costa Rica (excluding flights).  Only 9 slots in each cohort.

Coaching Modules: The Arc of Your Liminal Experience


What are you ready to commit to? What are you willing to let go of? Who are you when you are showing up as your best self, and how can you commit to closing the gap between what is, and what you wish to manifest? We will examine what's not working for you, and what you would like to welcome more of into your life -- then develop a plan to get you there!


We will dive deep into your unique biorhythms, and how you can create a life that makes time for rest, nourishment, and expression for your body, heart, mind, and spirit.


What is your unique gift to the world? This session will include a deep introspective journey into your gifts and shadows, a guided workshop to develop your Purpose Statement, and exploration of your current Mission and Action Steps. 


How we show up directly impacts the quality of our relationships. And the quality of our relationships has a deep resounding impact on the quality of our lives. We will explore tools that enable us to show up as the thoughtful, loving, and kind humans that we are all capable of being. Emotional co-regulation. Compassionate communication (also known as Non-Violent Communication, or NVC). Embodying these tools and concepts is not a magic switch, and will require practice and work. It's worth it. 


When our needs are met, and our relationships are strong, we are resourced to begin showing up for our communities, as well. This module will expand the concept of living in relationship -- into your power to impact broader communities, serve your country, and build a more peaceful, loving planet. 


What inspires you? A Higher Power, Mother Nature, the Cosmos, Science... whatever the source, as humans we seek inspiration. How do you connect with your inspiration? Hiking, surfing, lovemaking, dancing, meditation, quiet prayer, in community, through music, or at your church/synagogue/mosque? We will explore adding intentionality and ceremony to your life such that you can engage inspiration & ecstasy to carry you through life's occasional agony. 


In our final module, we will review and strengthen individual learnings, intentions, and plans for action. How will you sustain your new habits, and continue to embody your new way of being? Who will support you? What tools do you have access to? This time will be dedicated to ensuring enduring support... that you have what you need to embody your Highest Self!