Liminal Experiences

Coaching and Retreats with Abi Dorhosti's SOULignment Method

Inspiration - Alignment - Action 

Liminal space is an in-between space of limitless potential -- on the threshold of something new, between ‘what was’ and ‘what will be.' 



 Take ACTION in ALIGNMENT with your unique PURPOSE.

Immersive retreats and coaching packages designed to support leaders to transition from pain to passion, from darkness to light, and from frustration to an aligned, emotionally-regulated, and relational life.

The SOULignment Method catalyzes transformative leadership for a world of greater opportunity and freedom. We empower leaders to align their actions with their deepest purpose, balancing corporate responsibilities with societal impact. This approach cultivates authentic, integrity-driven leadership that creates positive change while maintaining holistic personal well-being.

One-on-one support 

Transformational One-on-One and Group Coaching with Abi to mindfully discover your deeper "why," map out the journey, and step forward in trust! 

Are you ready to make the space and time to look deep within and explore what might be possible?

I believe that it IS possible to live a life of service while feeling inspired, aligned, energized, and ALIVE! 

I can help you learn how. Join me and my support team for an immersive transformational experience that creates a safe container to decompress, be guided deep into your inner knowing, develop a personal roadmap for your transformational transition, and cultivate tools to achieve and maintain your ideal life.


With 25 years in uniform supporting SOF, IC, logistics, and foreign policy communities, I speak your language and can help whether you are seeking to improve emotional regulation and regain your inner calm, improve relationships, discover your post-military purpose, etc.  I'm here to help you discover what's next and take concrete steps to transform your desires and purpose into reality, to find your way out of the fog and back into holistic health, meaning, and purpose.  


What is mindfulness?  It’s a mental state that is achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while acknowledging and accepting, without judgment, one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.  Mindfulness involves attending to present-moment experiences with mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, otherwise known as equanimity, especially when dealing with a difficult situation.  There are many different ways to practice mindfulness -- from yoga and Qi Gong to various forms of still meditation to rock climbing, running, or shooting sports.  I can help you discover what mindfulness practices resonate most for you! 

Bio, Writings, Research, and Resources

Ways to Contribute!

Are you interested in sponsoring someone you know, or contributing towards subsidies or scholarships for deserving Veterans of the Military, Foreign Service, or IC?.... Please Donate through my nonprofit, Amistar Foundation!  Amistar Foundation is generously sponsoring 2 scholarships for our upcoming December retreat that will cover 80% of the retreat cost plus in-country transportation!


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Abi is a 25-year Air Force veteran who has found a new calling to help others find peace, balance passion and equanimity, learn to listen to their inner voice, become inspired, and chart a course towards their most holistically healthy selves -- aligned and alive in body, mind, and spirit.   More...

Be in SERVICE while HONORING yourself!

Would a Liminal Experience be right for you? Take a moment, find a quiet place, and ask yourself these questions: 

Liminal Experiences, LLC is run by a woman veteran (see my bio here) who fully understands what its like to exhaust oneself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in service to others.  To get lost in the darkness.  I have since learned to give and serve MORE by first honoring my own needs -- so that I have energy and capacity to spare -- and aligning life and work to my true purpose and calling, which is to help others learn to do the same! I speak SOF, IC, Policy, and C-suite. Unlike many wellness coaches who have never been in the trenches, I speak your language and I’ve been in many of your shoes.  I offer science-based and time-tested tools and techniques that balance the research with the woo-woo — and can help you master your mental chatter (the “monkey mind”); improve emotional regulation (say goodbye to irrational rage!); honor yourself and your loved ones; peacefully resolve conflict; find and honor your own calling; and fully and authentically serve your higher purpose, your family, and your community.

Subsidized rates and a limited number of scholarships may be available for economically-disadvantaged Veterans and First Responders, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized communities.  If you know that coaching would improve your life but the financial investment would be a significant hardship, please enquire as to status. 

If you feel called to move forward, click here to set up a consultation and determine what options(s) are most aligned for you. I offer immersive retreats, integrative coaching packages, or you can combine both offerings if you are ready to go really deep in commitment to yourself. Let’s talk and see if Liminal Experiences, LLC offers the right fit for YOUR needs!

And if you’re looking for coaching or a retreat but my services aren’t resonating, please see the resources page for links to coaches and companies that I know and trust.  Bottom line: find what’s right for YOU!!!  The world needs you at your best, and you are WORTHY of the investment!

Whether you are contemplating a major life change, in the midst of a transition, or have simply recognized that "something" needs to change -- I will help you turn a transition into a transformation and realize your healthiest self.  Inspired, aligned, and fully alive in body, mind, and spirit! 

Focus areas:

Liminal Experiences provide a space to explore what's possible, decide on an aligned path toward holistic wellness, and step forward into your healthiest self! 

Statement on Diversity: All Are Welcome!

I welcome you in your wholeness, no matter your age, size, fitness level, or "conformity" with societal norms.  I honor you regardless of your social class, ethnicity, political party, gender identity, sexual orientation, or choice to exempt yourself from any/all of these.  

I DO require any who attend or participate in any group event to treat each other with kindness and respect as fellow humans, no matter your personal views or judgments.